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A.L.E. February Event - "From the Sensual to the Sting: How to make your Dragon's Tail Do What You Mean" with PlaineJane

"From the Sensual to the Sting: How to make your Dragon's Tail Do What You Mean"

So you have your rope, your blindfold and your toy bag FULL of goodies, but do you have the most efficient yet elegant tool in a Top's arsenal? A tool that incites instant anxiety at the mere thought of its tender touch?

But that tender touch can feel as soft as a lover's caress or as mean as a bee sting. The trick is making your Dragon's Tail do what you want while making your bottom feel what you "mean".

PlaineJane will take you on an sensational journey into the effective use of a Dragon's Tail. Jane will discuss the types and parts of a Dragon's Tail, techniques for different sensations, practice options, application as well as safety and aftercare for both Top and bottom. So, bring a Dragon's tail and a bottom, if you got 'em. This class will give FULL marks for participation!"

Presenter Bio:

PlaineJane has been active in the Atlanta BDSM community for ten years. As an enthusiastic Event Coordinator & Educator, Jane is a strong advocate for promoting and producing educational events for and within the BDSM and Leather communities. Jane is the Director and Organizer of MAsT: Marietta Women and F.L.A.I.R. (Female Led Authority Inspired Relationships) which offers educational Intensives for different faucets of the BDSM Lifestyle. Her area of interest and experience includes service, domination and discipline, impact play, dragon's tails, high protocol, power exchange from both sides of the slash, humiliation & degradation, chemical play, genitorture and of course Male on Male Action... to name a few.

When and Where:

When: Saturday, February 16th from noon - 3pm

Where: The Belgian Basement at Kickbacks Gastropub / Goozlepipe & Guttyworks in Riverside.

The Belgian Basement is a beautiful room in the establishment were we can be served food and drink in a relatively private setting.

If you are unfamiliar with the venue, check out their website HERE.


It's Riverside, so it's on-street parking. There is also a dedicated parking lot for Kickbacks behind the Panda House restaurant at the corner of Post and King Streets.


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