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A.L.E. Relaunch - 3/17/2018

So after our long hiatus, A.L.E. is back with a renewed focus on supporting and educating the community.

We've found a place that we think you all will like, where we can get together and learn and socialize and reconnect!

When and Where:
So our first event, will be on Saturday, March 17th from noon - 3pm in The Belgian Basement at Kickbacks Gastropub / Goozlepipe & Guttyworks in Riverside.

The Belgian Basement is a beautiful room in the establishment were we can be served food and drink in a relatively private setting. 

If you are unfamiliar with the venue, check out their website HERE.

It's Riverside, so it's on-street parking. There is also a dedicated parking lot for Kickbacks behind the Panda House restaurant at the corner of Post and King Streets. 

Food and Beverage:
A.L.E. is going to pay for the good folks at Kickbacks to cater the event, a sampling of Kickbacks extensive appetizer menu will be on the buffet. Drinks are your responsibility. 

Come out and see the space, hang out with us, come give us feedback about what we can do to serve you better!