What is A.LE.?

The A.L.E. mission statement is to create and foster avenues where knowledge and learning can take place in safe and healthy environments. A.L.E. is committed to being a friendly, positive educational group, open to anyone and everyone who shares any aspect of our interests.

We fulfill this mission by having events that are open to the community that provide educational opportunities as well as safe and healthy opportunities to socialize and play with like-minded individuals. An extension of this is our responsible management of The Venue for the benefit of the local community. We also serve thismission by leading by precedent and providing a positive influence and leadership in the local community.

A.L.E. is run by a committee, which is lead by an Owner. Committee Members make up the backbone of how A.L.E. is successful. The Committee, along with the Owner make decisions about how best for A.L.E. to fulfill our mission and go about executing those decisions. Each Committee Member is important and plays a role in how the Committee efficiently and effectively functions, which reflects how A.L.E. services the local community.

Responsibilities of an A.L.E. Committee Member:

1. Be an active and responsible member of the local community.
2. Be a positive representative of A.L.E. and A.L.E.'s values online and in person.
3. Protect A.L.E., it's members and the community in general through vigilance to potential danger.
4. Work well in a group dynamic and don't be afraid to bring new ideas or skills to the table.
5. Help with the execution of A.L.E. events in an agreed upon capacity.
6. Help with the everyday business of A.L.E. and The Venue through attendance of in-person meetings and via online communications.

Expectations of A.L.E. Committee Members:

  • A.L.E. Committee Members are asked to committee to a minimum service time of two years
  • A.L.E. Committee Members are asked to make every effort to attend all A.L.E. hosted events at The Venue in a support capacity
  • A.L.E. Committee Members are asked to make every effort to attend non-A.L.E. hosted events at The Venue in a support capacity (These events augment revenue from A.L.E. hosted events and help us keep The Venue financially viable)
  • A.L.E. Committee Members are asked to participate, at minimum, several times a week in online communications regarding A.L.E./The Venue affairs
  • A.L.E. Committee Members are asked to participate in periodic in-person committee meetings
  • A.L.E. Committee Members are asked to help with the physical maintenance of The Venue in whatever capacity is possible

As this community grows and as A.L.E. (and by extension The Venue) grows and adapts to meet it's needs, significant time and effort is required by all Committee Members to maintain our high standards of service to the local community. It is not a small commitment. But one that I and others have found much satisfaction in fulfilling.

With this in mind, would you like to be considered for a spot on the A.L.E. Committee?

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