A.L.E. Code of Conduct

This is not a list of rules. We have rules for each event. This is a Code of Conduct, a set of guiding principles or beliefs we share as a group. These principles guide our actions, and we ask that our members understand them and adhere to these principles while involved in A.L.E. 

Alternative Lifestyle Enthusiasts (A.L.E.) is a lifestyle, educational, and support group. Our aim is to create opportunities for education about and experience in the lifestyle that take place in safe and healthy environments. We offer educational munches and lifestyle play parties on alternating months, among other events and activities. In order to provide environments that are safe and full of positive energy, we require every member to agree to and follow the following code of conduct. 


As a member of A.L.E. I agree to: 

  1. Respect and esteem by my actions and attitude every A.L.E. member and their property, both in person and online. 
  2. Be loyal, trustworthy, and true to the group as a whole and its members individually, in person and online. 
  3. Maintain the confidentiality of every other A.L.E. member. I realize it is critically important to protect the confidentiality of our members,  both in person and online. 
  4. To practice R.A.C.K. - Risk Aware Consensual Kink


Violation of these guiding principles will result in contact from a committee member to discuss the situation and can lead to immediate removal from the group. Continued disregard or violation of these principles will result in the offending individual to be removed from A.L.E. without apology.