A.L.E. Dungeon Monitor (D.M.) Application



A.L.E. is looking for volunteers to help monitor the play space at A.L.E. events at The Venue. Dungeon Monitors are a vital part of what keep our play spaces safe.

Requirements to be a dungeon monitor:

  1. Attend mandatory D.M. training offered by A.L.E. and Start Here.
  2. Commit to a dedicated two (2) to three (3) hour shift as dungeon monitor at a specified A.L.E. event.
  3. Be willing to enforce A.L.E./The Venue dungeon rules.
  4. Be willing to help people in the dungeon (with scene preparation, post-scene wrap-up, with clean-up and other things as necessary).
  5. Work under the supervision of the Head Dungeon Monitor (D.M.) to ensure the safety and well-being of the guests in the dungeon.


If you are interested in being a dungeon monitor for A.L.E. please fill the below form out and submit.

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