This is not a comprehensive list of additional local groups and resources, but a list of ones we want to highlight.
Please visit each groups FetLife page for more information about the group and more details about their events. 

  • Start Here Jacksonville
    • This group is geared toward new folks in the community. It's goal is provide a safe place for the "new kids" on the block to ask questions, meet people, learn and have fun.
  • Taco Tuesdays and Other Tasty Pairings
    • A Jacksonville, FL based social group with a weekly chaotic and thoroughly disorganized munch centered around tacos at a local restaurant. The taco feeding frenzy is very vanilla to light fetish (think more of a suggestion of fetish, than actual fetish) way for older members and newer members to come together in a low pressure environment (caution: actual pressure measurements have never actually been taken). Other days may contain other events, but you'll have to come inside to find out.
  • MAsT: Jacksonville Chapter
    • As a pansexual MAsT Chapter we will support, directly and indirectly, those of all genders and all sexual orientations living or interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious exchange of power and authority within a Master/slave or Dominant/submissive relationship
  • Rope Bite Jacksonville
    • Jacksonville Rope Bite or Rope Bite Jacksonville is a group that fosters an inclusive rope community that stresses safety, risk profile awareness and a sharing of rope knowledge here in Jacksonville.

      Jax Rope Bite is the Jacksonville Florida branch of the Rope Bite. We welcome all out of town ropers, riggers, rope tops, rope bottoms and any other rope enthusiast to contact use when the come through Jacksonville.

    • Jacksonville Transgender Alliance
      • A place of fun and support for the Jacksonville Transgender (CD's, TV's, TS's, Gender Fluid, Trans-men, Drag Queens/Men, Intersexed, Sissies, etc) and Those Who Love and Care for them! This is an open Forum for to discuss issues, support all who come in, share ideas and most importantly meet and have fun!
    • Jacksonville Littles and Critters
      • We're a great group of Littles, Littles' Parents, and friends welcoming all Littles who live in the Jacksonville area looking to meet and visit other local Littles in a group setting. This also includes AB's, DL's, baby furs, Sissy's, Big's, and their Mommy's and Daddy's too. Our group is based around the idea of having fun and being able to explore all your Little possibilities. This group is mean to create a safe and comfortable place for members to share and be themselves. We also welcome critters to our group! We love having puppies, kitties and all sorts of pets at our events. We would love for you to come out with us!
      • We have a completely built out 5500 sq ft area offering 3 private play/scene rooms,(Red Room of Pain Dungeon, Tie you UP Bedroom, Lets Play house Living room) as well as 6 semi-private areas. This Super clean, Upscale Play Space with Multiple Play stations/Private rooms is also available for private rental/photo shoots. Our dressing room and props are also available with rental. Photography and video services Available upon request.
    • Jacksonville Spankos and Spankees
      • A place for those interested in the art of spanking and impact play to meet and greet, chat about tools and techniques, and share our common love for spanking in the Jacksonville, FL community. All ages, genders, orientations, and individuals welcome. Just have a love of spanking.
    • Jacksonville Blood And Knife Play Society
      • Whether it's artistic cutting, scarification, piercing and needle-play, or knife-play gone horribly right, there's bound to be blood involved. A single droplet, or rivulets of it spilt on the ground. Smeared across the walls or daintily lapped up from the skin. If it's blood or knives that spark your fire, then this is the place for you.
    • Submissives of Jacksonville
      • This group is for all s-types: slaves, submissives, bottoms, masochists and switches. If you are unsure and exploring any of the aforementioned roles, you're also welcome to join. This is a forum for discussion. We do have activities and encourage you join us!
    • Dominants of Jacksonville
      • Discussion group for Masters, Dominants and Top leaning switches in and around the Jacksonville area.
    • Polyamory in Jacksonville
      • A discussion group for people in and around the Jacksonville, FL area who identify as poly or are interested / curious about polyamory. We usually hold our munches on the first Saturday of the month. We have also started having some private meetings, so keep checking back for details.