Party Rules


You will be required to complete your RSVP (and RSO if one isn't already on file with us for the year) prior to the event cutoff to attend.

You will be required to show government issued photo ID to check in.

You must be 18 to enter. You must be 21 to drink alcohol. No Exceptions!


  1. Do not touch anyone or anything that is not yours without prior permission.
  2. There will be Dungeon Monitors (DM's)  in charge of the dungeon. There will be Security stafflocated throughout the property. If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to ask a DM or Security. They are there to keep everyone safe. Respect them or you will be escorted off the property.
  3. We will be using a modified color system for communication. GREEN means ok, YELLOW means slow down, RED mean STOP. If a DM hears RED in a scene and that scene is not stopped a DM will intervene and stop the scene. Additionally we are implementing PINK. Pink means pause what you are doing, cover up and await further instructions. This is a code that will be used by the team in charge of the event (via our D.J.) to notify you that we require you to pause, cover up, and await further instructions while we handle a situation that may impact the party as a whole (whether it be a medical emergency, law enforcement or a safety/facilities issue in the venue).
  4. Please limit time on a play station to a reasonable amount of time. We should have plenty of play stations that there isn't too much contention, but please be aware of your time if you are on a station that is in demand. DMs will be monitoring this as well and if the situation arises may signal the top to wrap a scene up if it goes too long. We hope this isn't necessary but we want to make sure everyone has a chance to play. 
  5. You are not allowed to play while impaired by alcohol or any other substance. If you appear to be impaired, the DM will be REQUIRED to stop your scene and you will not be permitted to continue playing.
  6. No blood play permitted without prior consent from a DM. Please see one before beginning your scene.
  7. No penetration or oral sex inside the building.
  8. Do not disturb a scene. Keep conversation down around the scene. Be mindful of the space around a scene or you may find yourself walking into a flogger or single tail!
  9. Absolutely no photography or recording of any kind is permitted in the dungeon, this is to protect everyone's confidentiality. Cell phone usage should be limited to a quick check and if a phone call or text is required please step outside. 
  10. Smoking is permitted outside in the designated smoking area only. 
  11. NO DRUGS!! ANYWHERE on the property!!


There will be plenty of friends, furniture, and fun so COME ON OUT AND PLAY!!