The Venue Rental Application

If you are a group or individual that would like to rent The Venue for your own event, please fill out the below application. The application provides us the information we need to accurately evaluate and quote rental of the space to you. Please fill this out as completely and accurately as possible. After submission of this application, it will be reviewed by the A.L.E. Committee and you will be provided a response (and possible a quote) via the email address provided as quickly as possible.


Name of Contact Person *
Name of Contact Person
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
Is this an individual or group looking to rent the space
If the renter is a group, please provide the name of the group or organization.
Please describe, in detail, the reason for the rental. What do you intend to do with the space?
How many people are you expecting?
Rental Date *
Rental Date
When do you need the space? If you wish to rent for multiple dates, please indicate as such in the Other Notes section at the bottom of the page.
We typically rent by the hour. How many hours will your event be? We have a two-hour minimum.
Additional Services
We can provide the following additional services for an additional charge if you so decide, please check any of the below boxes for additional services to be added to your application